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Former corporate Forensic Voice ID clients include BlueCross BlueShield and Georgia-Pacific, LLC. Former governmental Forensic Voice ID clients include the Maricopa (Phoenix) County DA's Office, Fulton (Atlanta) County DA's Office, Summit (Akron, OH) County DA's Office, City of San Angelo and the Public Prosecution Office of Abu Dhabi Judicial District (United Arab Emirates), as well as Public Defender's Offices from New Jersey to Tuscan, North Dakota to Houston. Foreign clients for Y&J's forensic Voice ID services include individuals or entities in Mexico, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, India, Singapore, Sri Lanka and the United Arab Emirates. 




Y&J recently testified in State of Arizona vs. Bradley Tocker - a capital murder case in which Y&J testified for the State (Maricopa [Phoenix] County DA's Office) on a critical Voice ID/Elimination issue concerning five "unknown" exemplars (phone calls). Verdict: Guilty. (This case was featured in the Investigation: Discovery documentary first aired on April 12, 2012,  entitled "Missing By Design.")
Y&J also recently testified for the Public Prosecution Office of the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department in the United Arab Emirates in a high-profile Voice ID case (exemplars in Arabic). 

Other high-profile, voice ID consultation/cases include Dr. Phil, Fox TV (Elvis Presley), TMZ (Michael Jackson), People Magazine (Mel Gibson), The Associated Press (Osama bin Laden), the Washington bureau of Newsday.com, CSI: Miami, etc.

Atty. Herbert Joe interview by FOX News / YouTube (8 minutes) 



to determine if a particular speaker in the questioned audio evidence (or audio track of the video evidence) is the same (identification) or different (elimination) than a “known” recording of a particular person. The reliable principles of this protocol are to provide a basis for voice/speaker identification or elimination that is consistent with the known and well-established principles of the hearing, speech and language sciences. 

Y&J’s generally-accepted, underlying science and reliable methodology for voice/ speaker identification or elimination were utilized long before the decision in U.S. vs. Angleton, 269 F.Supp.2d 892, 904-05 (S.D. TX 2003) (proposed expert testimony on aural spectrographic voice identification method failed to meet Daubert standard for reliability).

For more details, please download one of Y&J's peer-reviewed articles entitled Legal, Scientific and Forensic Controversies Over Spectrographic Voice Analysis for Identification or Elimination, published in the Law Enforcement Executive Forum  about the legal state of forensic voice identification. This article not only delineates the legal aspects of forensic Voice ID, but it also sets Y&J apart from other Voice ID experts in the U.S. Other Forensic Voice ID research conducted by Y&J include Yonovitz, A., Joe, H.Speaker Identification: Effects of noise, telephone bandwidth, and word count on accuracy.Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, Vol. 128, No. 4, Pt. 2 of 2, Oct. 2010, and presentations at, for examples, the 2nd Pan American / Iberian Meeting on Acoustics (Cancún, Nov. 2010) and the 164th Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America (Oct. 2012).